Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Good Morning America!

Today is a special day for me. It marks the date on which I have officially become a published author in the United States.
Some would say the fact it is also April Fool's Day could not be more appropriate, but there's no need for us to dwell on that.

And so bookstores all over the US will today start selling A Town Like Paris -- and America will get a flavour of Paris from an Aussie point of view.
To mark the occasion, my publishers in the US, Broadway Books (an imprint of Random House) have been busily organising a few online promotional efforts.
The first is a promotional video, recorded here in Paris a couple of weeks ago, and posted this week on the website: www.booksvideo.tv

The video follows me on a little tour of Paris. For the film buffs among you, you will be interested to learn that all the traveling footage of Paris-by-night was taken from the back of my beloved Vespa. The film-maker, Jethro, displayed nerves of steel to hang one-handed from the back of Mojito as I cruised past some of the city's best known monuments.

To view the video, click here.

The second promotional effort is a guest blog entry on the popular Travelocity blog, Window Seat. To check out my musings, click here.

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Jack Jennings said...

Hi Bryce
Good luck with the launch in the USA.
Loved the preview video. It made me very homesick for Paris
Jack Jennings
Bushman's Arms