Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mes excuses...

Hello bloggettes -
Not a day goes by when I don't think of this blog. It sits in the corner of my mind's eye taunting me, lamenting how I neglect it, sobbing that I don't bring it flowers anymore - and you'd have to admit it has a point.
I notice my last entry was November 20. A full month ago. An appalling effort for anyone hoping to participate in the blogging zeitgeist.
Suffice it to say, my silence has been for a reason. And that reason is sound.
On the professional front, I am sweating on meeting a deadline for the new book. With my editors expecting a squaeky clean manuscript in their hot little publishing hands by the end of January, I am tippity-tap tapping away on the keyboard every hour that the good Lord gives me.
On the personal front, there has been a new addition to my little family - and if any of you out there are parents, you'll know how even the smallest addition to a family can make a large impact. Sleep is something I now only dream of. It's a magical land that I think back on with fondness and recall wistfully.
And so dear bloggettes - excuse the hiatus. I'll be back - as soon as the diaper demon releases me from its clutches. Think of this as less of a goodbye, and more of an au revoir...


vicki archer said...

Huge congrats to you all Bryce...Can't wait to meet the new arrival. Much love and happy Christmas, xv.

Lise said...

Bryce, gr8 to hear from you after yr break, totally understand the reasons why, this year has strained most of us, some from obvious things, others no so. Yr blog is a wonderful read to people like myself who love Paris & love hearing about it, as if we were living there like yourself. Have a wonderful white Xmas & start to 2010. Good luck with the book (will keep an eye out) and yr new little addition. I'll be in that beautiful city later next year to celebrate my 50th birthday, cannot wait. Salut, Lise x

The Gypsy Chef said...

Bryce, Nice to have you back. I've missed your blogging.
Congratulations! Hope you get some sleep!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryce,
Any chance you could publish your Paris men's fashion week article here/online for the non-sydney aussies?

Lapin Agile said...

Bryce - great blog and looking to so much more. Thank you!

Nick said...

Bryce found you via Tweets and so on after ex-PM Rudds moving exit.

That was one harsh bit of national TV. Still he got through it complete with a signature "Gotta zip!" sign off.

P.S. I feel your sleep deprivation having twin girls who are still crawling into our bed at all hours. Good luck with your own tribe.

Will follow, hope the book goes well. Cheers.

hotels in Mayfair said...

we wish you all the best, and may your little addition to the family grow into a reliable and intelligent person. Try to have some rest.