Friday, June 27, 2008

A Town Like Paris gets the Page Six treatment

Question: What do Anne Hathaway, Jimmy Page and myself have in common?

Answer: We all shared coveted Page Six column space in the same day's edition of the New York Post.

It's not every day a fella warrants a mention in Gotham City's most hotly contested celebrity register, so permit me an indulgence if I draw it to your attention.

Published on the morning of the US launch event for 'A Town Like Paris', the article featured a winning photograph of the Showgirl (which, it's fair to say, probably helped sway the editor's decision to include the article in the column ...) and a brief description of the book.

All in all, a cracking good start to the New York adventure.

The article in full:

"Heartbreak Fix"

"June 19, 2008 - GOING to Paris with a broken heart worked out splendidly for Australian journo Bryce Corbett. After breaking up with a longtime girlfriend, he fled London for the City of Light to meet French women and fell for a hot Lido showgirl, Shay Stafford , a fellow Aussie who ended up marrying him. Corbett writes about his exploits in the well-received tome "A Town Like Paris," which will be feted tonight at 7 at Idlewild Books at 12 W. 19th St."

To see the article online, click here

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